Finding Affordable Housing Online

Finding affordable housing online is not always easy.  Sometimes websites are not easy to use and or you might not know exactly where to go when looking for affordable housing online.  Here are some tips to use: Public Housing Authority:  If you are extremely low income and searching for affordable housing online, look to see... Continue Reading →

Social Housing in the German City of Mannheim

I visited the city of Mannheim Germany in October to speak with both city officials and social housing staff about affordable housing in this mid-sized German city. I met with Arno Knobel who works for the city of Mannheim.  He focuses his attention on strategic issues including urban renewal and long term planning.  For instance... Continue Reading →

Dutch Social Housing-Changes Part I

Social housing in the Netherlands enjoys a long and rich tradition. Social housing associations ensure that more than 2.4 million households in the Netherlands have access to adequate and affordable housing.  That means almost 40% of all Dutch live in social housing. The history of social housing becomes especially interesting when looking at the housing... Continue Reading →

Leipzig or Hypezig?- Housing and Recovery

The city of Leipzig is an interesting case study in rapid population decline, slow steady growth and change/maturation of the housing market.   Leipzig as a city is becoming a sexy trend in many magazines and newspapers that claim it is now the place where people should be moving.  Many citizens believe the press is nothing... Continue Reading →

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