^Housing Futures Looking for Writers-

Q: What is Housing Futures? A: Housing Futures is a platform about the provision of social, public and affordable housing and how they help integrate and improve neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries.  This website will be launching very soon. Q: What type of topics are you interested in? A: We are interested in topics ranging... Continue Reading →

5 Public Housing Emerging Leaders Under 40

I think it is extremely important to take time and recognize those who dedicate their careers to public service.   The five people I am writing about today have all taken different approaches to their respective careers but have touched the agencies and people they have come into contact with in very positive and meaningful... Continue Reading →

Arguments Why Public Housing Authorities Should Merge?

Are there too many PHAs?  I am not postulating but simply asking a question.  There are around 3500 public housing authorities throughout the United States administering  around 3.2 million affordable housing units mainly through public housing and housing choice voucher programs.  The majority of these housing authorities are extremely small.   In some states there... Continue Reading →

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