Immigration and Public Housing: How the Arrival City is Changing-First Day of International Social Housing Festival

This is a quick summary of one of the first sessions that took place during the International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam. Doug Saunders-British/Canadian Author The presenter Doug Saunders spoke about the theme of arrival cities. His definition of an arrival city is a place or district where immigrants end up right after immigrating.  ... Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing in India

Affordable Housing in India The concept and importance of affordable housing takes on a whole different meaning in a country like India.  In India, this issue has taken center stage as the rough estimate research says that there is an extreme shortage of millions of housing units.   Some estimates put the number at 20... Continue Reading →

South African Social Housing in a Nutshell

The provision of social housing is one of the most vital of essential human rights.  In South Africa, social housing is being used to address the rebuilding of trust between the government and its people who have endured unequal treatment and poverty for too long.  Political and economic segregation still leave their ugly scars in... Continue Reading →

How the Dutch Lead the Way in Senior Housing Innovation

In my short career in social housing, I have noticed that many programs revolve around helping work able households improve self-sufficiency. There is a national program (FSS) just to do that in coordination with housing programs. However; housing providers often serve a large number of senior and disabled households. While there are a number of great examples... Continue Reading →

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