Affordable Housing Management Training: Who are the Top Training Companies in the USA?

Affordable housing management is not easy and good training is an important part of any public housing authorities tool-kit.  Depending on your agencies size, the affordable housing management training might need to be outsourced.  Here is a list of a few key players in the affordable housing management training arena.

  1. Nan McKay: This company is well known to present quality affordable housing management training.  They offer training on public housing management, rent calculation, inspections, asset management and even family self sufficiency (FSS).  You can find more of their information about training’s and conferences here-
  2. NAHRO:  NAHRO has been around as an affordable housing management training company for a long time and is trusted.  Much like Nan McKay, you can find training’s on how to manage public housing, housing choice voucher and other special programs.  They also offer short web training’s on current topics and trends.  NAHRO does a lot of work in the affordable housing advocacy world.
  3. National Center for Housing Management:  This is another company that offers several types of training.   They offer certified manager of public housing, senior housing, manager of maintenance and financial courses.  This is only a taste of what is offered.  There is a lot on the voucher side.
  4.  HUD REAC Center:  HUD’s website offers some free training that varies in its helpfulness and effectivness.  It is at least checking out since the price is right.
  5. Quadel:  Quadel is both a training company and public housing/housing choice voucher management company.  I believe Quadel can be hired to actually take over a voucher department or public housing authority’s caseloads including running annuals, interim’s and inspections.  Take a look here to see the variety of training’s available including a few on the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD).

I do not recommend one over or have any vested interest.  I recommend you look at all the companies and see what meets your agency’s needs in regards to affordable housing management training.

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