Baltimore Public Housing: Quick Overview of Public Housing Baltimore

The Baltimore Public Housing Authority serves almost 20,000 residents.  Public housing Baltimore also has over 11,000 units and includes over two dozen family properties, mixed buildings and sites for seniors and single family housing.   The Baltimore Housing Authority is also a Moving to Work (MTW) housing authority which gives them more financial and regulatory flexibility.

Applying:  If you are searching for Baltimore public housing, the website is very easy to navigate and understand.  As mentioned, there are dozens of housing sites to choose from.  Look here to find your options-

 You can apply to the program by using the link here

If you are applying, you should probably expect quite a wait.  Although the information on wait-list time is not directly on the website most public housing wait times can be years.

Residents: Once you are a resident, there are a lot of options to support individuals and families.

  • Family Self-Sufficiency- The Baltimore Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program helps families reach economic independence and self-sufficiency. Participants receive training and services based on needs.
  • PACE Program:  This is another program that is available within Public Housing Baltimore.  If you need a job, this is another program operated by the housing authority.   They can help you find work and increase earnings.
  • Successfully Moving Youth to Work: Baltimore Public Housing Successfully Moving Youth to Work program is a partnership with the Mayor’s office and other  youth ages 16 -21 with career specific and/or employment preparation skills leading to certification and employment. The program also includes post testing, job placement, evaluation, job retention and follow-up activities.
  • Ticket to Work- The Public Housing Baltimore program Ticket to Work Program, in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA), targets beneficiaries of SSI and/or SSDI who are seeking employment and are between the ages of 18 and 64.

Already on Waiting List:  The Baltimore Public Housing Authority also offers information to applicants on the waiting list.  This is true for both the Public Housing Baltimore waiting list and the Housing Choice Voucher (HVC) waiting list.  Click here if you are on the wait-list for either program.

As with any other public housing authority in the USA, Baltimore Public Housing Authority is under funded and is trying to serve as many low-income households as possible.  The links in this overview should help an applicant or resident navigate the most important parts of the website.

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